Little Red Spider Hood

Little Red Spider Hood
photograph by Michelle Lennon

So Many Masks....

So Many Masks....
Yet none completely hide me from me.


very odd...
nothing fits
puzzle pieces
intentionally twisted
placed on a board
upside down

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Day

Beautiful day…
We wait and wait
Morning comes and you can taste the day
Your skin tells you
You feel the warmth
Your first breath tells you
You inhale the scents carried in through the window
Blossoms are drawn out and come alive when warmed by the sun.
The sounds of birds singing joy.
What about my heart?
Locked in the winter of loneliness…
I need the soft breath that whispers good morning against my cheek
My skin needs the touch of warmth from his hand to come alive
The only scent… my own mingled with the dead flowers I bought for myself.
Within is only the sound of a single beating heart in the silence of my empty room
Outside is a beautiful day…
Inside my heart is cold with lonliness
large with so much to share
And no one cares if I care.
No one cares to share.

And I am sick and tired of it all.
Wasted time on foolish thoughts.
Wasted thoughts....
I am out of time...
I am out of the mood.
I am out the door...

It is a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've cried enough

I've cried enough
Originally uploaded by HaMeD!caL

Swirling, twisting, turning.
The meteor shower of my soul.
Glints of color,
Sparks of light
Twisting, shimmering
Always changing

Gems of truth
Bound in rings of gold
Words unspoken
Thoughts untold
Love deflected

A twist and images fly
Shaping again spinning back
The past cold frigid light
Shifting reflections of the past
Forming dark lies and trust stolen
Pain frozen
Gears broken

Turning motion seeing now
Showing shimmering souls
Already sold
Wanting to hold

Staring forward
Focus on the future blurred.
Glimmering shards of dreams
Waiting to fall into place.
All reflected in a single tear.



"Surround Me" by Chris Sotiri

"Surround Me" by Chris Sotiri

I am not sure how things happen nor can I explain them... be that as it may this man's music came into my world. The how isn't important... But the first song I listened to "Surround Me" exposed, expressed and exhaled how I feel.
More of his music can be found

Wash away this life, put it all behind
Won't take anymore, this tired soul can't fight
I am not afraid, to leave everything
There's a world, where I won't be in pain

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

My heart was torn away, ever since that day,
Never will forget, one fateful mistake
Visions of the end, play back time again
There's a place, where I won't feel a thing

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

How can one live, just suffering,
How can one live, so helplessly,
How do you live??

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

Surround Me, Surround Me
I found I'll never be
Surround Me

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

what will you leave unsaid?

what will you leave unsaid?
We don't get time back. But we can make the most of our future.

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece
Song by Don Rudnickas

The Missing Piece by Don Rudnickas

I am convinced... we all want to find that missing piece. But what do we do if we do find it?


Life Burnishes our souls creating a patina and yet it is still beautiful splinters and all.

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas
Below is a new song by my buddy Don... All Rights Reserved.

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas.

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Patiently Waiting

Patiently Waiting
Image by L Margaux

searching for the meaning of life?