Little Red Spider Hood

Little Red Spider Hood
photograph by Michelle Lennon

So Many Masks....

So Many Masks....
Yet none completely hide me from me.


very odd...
nothing fits
puzzle pieces
intentionally twisted
placed on a board
upside down

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday is just for play
Soon I will be packing my bags
and be on my way.
No good reason to stay
no regrets as I make my way
Just fun and sun
lawn party and Croquet
Full skirts and petticoats
wide brimmed hats and just plain folks
One more week until tomorrow
leaving here with out a wit of sorrow
Hello world can you come out to play today?


Dear ones,

Some big changes. I will be leaving New Orleans next weekend. I am not sad about this in the least. I have never seemed to be able to thrive since Katrina... each step forward brought me three steps backwards. Every time I took a path I thought would lead to a better situation I ran into brick walls. I was losing me, the me that savors the flavor of life.

So, I am packing my stuff, putting it all in storage and going to go live with my brother for a while in Northern, LA. I am looking forward to a new fresh beginning and the time it will give me to choose a path into the future.

I feel great about it all.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

within her slumber
her world was as she wished it to be...
If she reached out
her hand was held
if she yearned for his touch
his breath caressed her cheek
within her slumber
he was there
why wake to discover
he did not care?
slumber on...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Off to the beach again
no idea what is around the bend
I can't read your mind

Off to the beach again
to find new dreams
live with out schemes

Off to the beach again
I can almost remember
other times I lied to myself
believing in a we....

Off to the beach again
no we to be a part of me
Just me myself and I...
no longer believing the lie
until the next time I try

Saturday, August 11, 2007

See... No Rain!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I have persuaded myself that I will not let anything rain on my parade for the next few days...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hello World!

Whatcha' got in store for me today?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh... not another monday

at exactly 8:26 I knew the phone would ring. It does every morning at that exact time. I don't need an alarm clock any more.

The bill collectors provide that service for free.. and again at this very moment... Oh god... not another Monday...



"Surround Me" by Chris Sotiri

"Surround Me" by Chris Sotiri

I am not sure how things happen nor can I explain them... be that as it may this man's music came into my world. The how isn't important... But the first song I listened to "Surround Me" exposed, expressed and exhaled how I feel.
More of his music can be found

Wash away this life, put it all behind
Won't take anymore, this tired soul can't fight
I am not afraid, to leave everything
There's a world, where I won't be in pain

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

My heart was torn away, ever since that day,
Never will forget, one fateful mistake
Visions of the end, play back time again
There's a place, where I won't feel a thing

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

How can one live, just suffering,
How can one live, so helplessly,
How do you live??

Surround Me, Surround Me
I've lost what I need
Surround Me, Surround Me

Surround Me, Surround Me
I found I'll never be
Surround Me

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time

what will you leave unsaid?

what will you leave unsaid?
We don't get time back. But we can make the most of our future.

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece
Song by Don Rudnickas

The Missing Piece by Don Rudnickas

I am convinced... we all want to find that missing piece. But what do we do if we do find it?


Life Burnishes our souls creating a patina and yet it is still beautiful splinters and all.

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas
Below is a new song by my buddy Don... All Rights Reserved.

Trouble Sick by Don Rudnickas.

Click to Play

Patiently Waiting

Patiently Waiting
Image by L Margaux

searching for the meaning of life?